Indian Dream Catcher

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1. In ancient legends, when night falls, all kinds of dreams linger in the night. Those sweet dreams passed through the dream catcher and landed on the feather-light sleeper. Those spooky nightmares were caught by dream catchers.

2. Each dream catcher is made of carefully selected high-quality materials. The whole process is completely handmade by our experienced workers. Delicate and beautiful.

3. Fantastic decorations and additions for children’s bedrooms, living rooms, windows and parties. The perfect gift for loved ones and children.

4. This dream catcher helps you eliminate all negative forces in the day and face your life positively in the morning.

5. Don’t forget to share the stories and legends of Dream Catcher with the person who sent you it. It represents the blessing of praying for peace and happiness.


1. The modern decoration of dream catcher and original decoration pendant can dispel nightmares and bring a beautiful night to a peaceful night.

2. It can be used for room decoration, gifts, weddings, home decoration, etc., making the wall a warm and beautiful decoration.

3. The production of the products is done by a craftsman for more than 5 years to ensure that each product is exquisite; the spring water is fumigated to prevent children from being allergic to contact.

Product information:

Size: 15.5cm in diameter, 13cm in diameter. The total length of 11cm, 7cm, and 5cm is about 85cm (there is a slight deviation in manual measurement, please refer to the actual product)

Weight: 200 grams

Material: natural feathers, wooden beads, iron rings, Korean velvet

Purpose: suitable for hanging the balcony, bedroom, living room, car hanging door, hanging wedding decoration

Packing list:

Dream Catcher*1

Weight0.04 kg
Dimensions350 × 400 × 20 cm

Blue, Flower, Horse, Pink, Purple, Unicorn, White, White1


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